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Young Sámi people aged 13-29 can become full members of the association. Our association belongs to the Finnish Sámi Central Organization (Suoma Sámiid guovddášsearvi), according to the rules of which the members of the member organizations must be Sámi. We follow the organization’s Sámi definition, according to which a Sámi person is one who

  1. considers themselves a Sámi AND
  2. either them themselves, one of their parents or grandparents has learned the Sámi language as his first language.

The actual members must therefore meet the above conditions and be between 13 and 29 years old. In connection with the membership application, we collect a membership fee, which is paid once and amounts to 20 euros. Membership automatically continues until the year the member reaches the age of 30 or decides to resign from the association.

In addition to the actual membership, we also offer support membership. Anyone who wants to participate and support the activities of the association can apply as a support member. Supporting members have the right to attend and speak at the association’s annual meetings. Membership is paid once and is 50 euros.

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